Sunday, March 19, 2006

waning moon?

Ack! It's been the strangest week! The planets must be screwy...or...rather...I KNOW! is the dratted waning moon!!

Firstly, the Ravyn has flown away on vacation. Secondly, funding for lawschool seems bleak. Thirdly, I've had this awful on and off again headache ALL week! And fourthly, my darling widdle bossman called me this afternoon to ask if we got a paper signed and filed before the thirty-day period to do so was over. GADS! The client was sick in bed all week for starters, AND NO ONE EVER TOLD _ME_ that it was time-critical! I had no clue!!

I try to stay away from toxic environments and I'm thinking that my work situation may be one of them.

On the up side...I cooked a fabulous Thai curry chicken dinner with lightly sauteed snow peas, bean sprouts and bamboo shoots on the side. Ooh, mmm. Sundays are the days my daughter dictates what I cook. She has my menus lined up for a month! She calls for curry alot. She likes soups and fish, shrimp and scollops. Last week she ordered my special alfredo sauce. Sometimes I surprise her with a dessert. We had strawberries and ricotta cheese in crepes tonight. I try to keep it healthy and light.

Well...the end of another weekend. They go soo fast.


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