Sunday, June 18, 2006

new endeavors

This is a pic of Nora and Malena at Balticon. This is the best pic I have of the tatter skirt I made. Nora honored me by asking if she could wear it for opening ceremonies. :-)

Been working on cleaning the garage. Perhaps I'll get started painting again soon. I have a space cleared and I'm ready to set up the area for painting. R said he would put cardboard down for me tomorrow. Painting can make quite a mess.

So ideas...when I want them, they seem to come, mostly in the middle of the night when I wake and can't sleep. I've always used layers in painting and some you can see through like windows...I guess this reflects how I think. I saw the most wonderful set of paintings with all the concepts I've been focusing on incorporated into them. I've used pure linseed oil to make windows and mixed paint with marble dust for texture and thickness. But I'm thinking, hell, why play around, I could just pour polyurethane and buy spackle to mix with the paint. Of course there is the consideration of whether the pieces will destruct. :-) Trial, error, research.

A predominant theme in my paintings is relationships. I obsess with relationship dynamics and take them to paintings to try to find resolution. You may know me well enough to know that some people might consider me a little odd. This aspect of me can cost me friends and it can endear people to me. I am me and can only be me so, in the course of just being me (and yeah, I've tried to tone down but that doesn't seem to work), I lose friends and scare people away. I find this distressing, but something I have come to accept to some degree. Anyway, this is the running theme in my paintings and art along with my relationship with the goddess and my spiritual side.

Can't wait to get started!



At 10:57 PM, Blogger Rubius said...

Ooohhh... Ravyn has demonic eyes!!! in this one.

Best of luck in the creation business.... you can do it if you put your considerable mind and talent to it!

I like odd folks... it is the normals who really scare me.


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